About US

I’m Tania Louise Shipman and about 8 years ago, I won a round convection oven in a Christmas Raffle.  

I had no idea how to use it or what it was good for.  Late night TV shows had them for sale, saying how good they were for cooking but as everyone knows, it’s all hype.  Guess what, it’s NOT with your convection oven.  

A great thing about convection ovens is they don’t really need assembly.  There are no complicated parts, you just get the stand out, sit the bowl on it and then put the heating element on top and you are ready to go. (Yes, I washed everything!)

Then it started getting a bit harder, because the manual was, well, not great. It didn’t tell me how to cook the food I love cooking and the recipes in it were of food I didn’t like or want to cook.  

So I went looking for some recipes and how to start using my oven.  Getting access to cookbooks about convection ovens was hard.  Buying online was a bit of a gamble then, so I had to learn by trial and error.

I had to try to do this because the convection oven solved one of my biggest problems and it was worth trying.  

I was sick of burning and drying out food.  With my convection oven, I couldn’t ruin food anymore.  

All the cooking is my responsibility.  I am also an avid reader who loves the internet and I forget to check on food when it’s cooking. The number of meals I ruined and let burn was costing me money and time.  After I burnt something, I still had to cook food to feed us.  I had to find a better way of doing this.

So watching a TV Ad about how good a convection oven was grabbed my attention.  I had one sitting in the cupboard, so what did I have to lose by trying?  
Once I learnt how long it took my oven to cook something, I never have to worry about ruining food again.  This decision changed how I cook everything.  I actually get mad when I have to cook something on the stove.  I want to cook as much as possible in my oven.